Our Reconciliation Action Plan:

Learning, Growing, And Embracing Indigenous Knowledge

We are committed to fostering an environment that reflects and respects the rich Indigenous cultures of our local community. Our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), initially developed in 2021 through the collaborative efforts of Michelle, Shannon, and Charmaine, embodies our dedication to five key areas:

This year, we have continued our collaboration and engagement with Shannon, Charmaine, and Fiona Reidy. We have celebrated the Elders and immersed ourselves in learning the Noongar language and dreaming stories. Our efforts include painting murals, yarning circles, and indigenous learning programs. We recognise the contributions of Fiona Reidy from Dijinda Kaal and appreciate the ongoing involvement of Shannon and Charmaine. Our journey toward reconciliation is a shared one, fostering respect, understanding, and unity within our community.

Shannon and Charmaine:

Our ongoing RAP focuses on embedding Indigenous knowledge and perspectives into our daily practices.

We are fortunate to have established connections with Shannon Kearing and Charmaine Cole, Noongar representatives for the local community. Shannon and Charmaine have played a pivotal role in sharing their knowledge and supporting our centre in foregrounding Indigenous knowledge. They have contributed to the development of our RAP, designed artwork, and provided valuable cultural insights.

Shannon and Charmaine remain integral to our mission. We’ve continued our collaboration, involving them in designing our new outdoor areas, including a yarning circle. Their recent visit reinforced the progress we are making in embracing Indigenous knowledge.

What We Want To Achieve:

Our journey toward reconciliation is ongoing. To enhance the integration of Indigenous Knowledge and perspectives into our curriculum, activities, and practices, we continue to work collaboratively with Shannon and Charmaine. Our strategies include:

We understand that collaboration, cultural enrichment, and embracing Indigenous perspectives are essential for the growth and unity of our centre and our local communities.

Our Reconciliation Officer

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams serves as our Reconciliation Officer and holds deep connections with the local Noongar community. In her role, she leads our reconciliation initiatives, dedicating considerable time to collaborating with our educators in the integration of Indigenous knowledge into our educational curriculum and practices. If you wish to engage in a conversation regarding our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) with Michelle, please feel free to reach out to her by utilising the contact form below.

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