Our Philosophy

  • Our Educational and Care Philosophy
    At Cloverdale Childcare...
    • We believe that all children are competent and capable learners.
    • Our values are inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach where we believe that the environment is the ‘third’ teacher.
    • We are committed to providing a home away from home environment for children and their families.
    • We believe that warm, respectful relationships and interactions with our children, families and community are paramount to children’s development and building a sense of belonging.
    • We promote sustainable practices and provide environments that encourage exploration and discovery using a range of natural and constructed resources.
    • We believe all children have the right to education and we respect and embrace the diversity of our children and families.
    • We strive for continuous improvement through critical reflection and encourage all families to be actively involved in this process.

    Reviewed April 2019

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