Our Philosophy

  • Our Educational and Care Philosophy
    At Cloverdale Childcare...
    • We believe all children have the right to education. We implement developmentally appropriate programmes for all stages.
    • We believe that all children are competent and capable learners. We foster independence and encourage children to make choices throughout each day to empower agency.
    • We respect and embrace the diversity of our children and families, we promote inclusion into all aspects of our service.
    • Our values are inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach where we believe that the environment is the ‘third’ teacher. We provide environments that encourage exploration and discovery using a range of carefully selected natural and constructed resources to create inspiring and exciting experiences.
    • We understand that each child is individual, expressing themselves and learning in a unique and original way. We hope to support all children to explore and connect to the world around them in infinite ways.
    • We are committed to providing a home away from home environment for children and their families, where everyone can feel safe and secure.
    • Children, their needs, cultures, and interests are at the centre of our program and form the foundation for group projects and play/learning experiences.
    • We believe that warm, respectful relationships and interactions with our children, families and community are paramount to children’s development and building a sense of belonging. We encourage family participation, and we invite all stakeholders to be actively involved within a collaborative environment, aiming for a strong partnership with families.
    • We promote sustainable practices and aim to educate the children of the future, on the importance of environmental conservation.
    • We strive for continuous improvement through critical reflection.
    • We acknowledge the Noongar Whadjuk people as the traditional custodians of the land that we stand on.
    • Making learning visible through wall displays and extended project work is our ambition, documenting each child’s learning journey, tracking and celebrating group education, where we learn alongside the children.

    Reviewed September 2021

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