Our Curriculum

  • Our Curriculum

    “In the early childhood setting curriculum means all the interactions experiences, activities, routines and event, planning and unplanned, that occur in an environment designed to foster children’s learning and development”

    (EYLF, 2009, p.9)

    At Cloverdale Childcare Centre, our program and practice are guided by the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia and inspired by the educational approach of Reggio Emilia. All of the interactions that our educators have with the children, and those that the children have with our environment form our curriculum. We pride ourselves on providing stimulating play-based environments that support children’s holistic wellbeing and extend their diverse strengths, interests and ideas. We strongly believe that warm, respectful relationships are essential to children’s learning and development and support the children to develop a sense of belonging to our centre.

    Children at Cloverdale are supported to be who they are, and learn about and express themselves in a safe and supportive environment.  We acknowledge the individual nature of each child’s learning journey and support them to develop the skills and processes for lifelong learning and success. As part of our curriculum, each child’s learning and development is observed, planned for and documented. These observations form a learning journal which is updated regularly and always accessible to families.

    Sustainable practices and respect for others are important elements of our curriculum. These are embedded throughout the service to ensure our children becoming environmentally and socially responsible.  To ensure all children are programmed for, we use a range of documents. One of these is the weekly program displayed in each room. Across the service, the programs include daily experiences designed for both individuals and groups of children.  Our educators are thoughtful and purposeful in the delivery of the program and engage the children in a range of intentional teaching opportunities. In planning our weekly program, we encourage families to be involved and work in partnership with us to meet the needs of their children. We acknowledge the vital role families play in their child’s life and always welcome their input.

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